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With clever food puns, impeccable taste in restaurants, and stunning food photography, this Instagram account is one of my favorites. Every time Sophie Gee and her two friends post a photo of piping hot fries from BRGR Bar, a Cemita bursting with flavor from STREET, or beautifully-plated tapas dishes from MOXY, my mouth starts to water and I feverishly start to plan a way to get my tastebuds on the exact same dish.

Sophie, an Australian-turned-seacoaster (and daughter of Jane Gee), highlights the delicious food of the seacoast through her Instagram account, @threehungrychicas, that celebrates one year this month! In our exclusive Q & A below, Sophie provides insight into the account and shares her favorite places to eat in Portsmouth and beyond! 

Can you briefly explain what Three Hungry Chicas is? 

Three Hungry Chicas is an Instagram account that my roommates and I started because we’re passionate about good food and, as millennials, love taking pictures of the beautiful food we’re eating!

Who runs the account? How long have you been doing this? 

My two roommates (Alyssa Votto and Amanda Ross) and I run the account. We started in January, 2016. 

Where is your favorite dinner spot on the seacoast and what do you order?

It is SO hard to narrow down our favorite dinner spot as we love so many restaurants in the area, but I can say that anytime the three of us want to go out to dinner, 99.9% of the time we choose MOXY. We always order fried pickles, calamari, crispy potatoes, and the fried chicken sandwich. If you haven’t tasted the fried chicken sandwich yet, you need to! It is literally the best thing on earth.

Where is your favorite coffee shop on the seacoast? What's your beverage of choice?

We love White Heron. I personally don’t drink coffee so I always enjoy tea and especially love their iced Cranberry Apple Ginger in the summer. In the fall and winter, I usually prefer peppermint tea or a chai latte with almond milk. White Heron also serves up the best breakfast sandwiches. Our go-to is the egg muffin supreme with egg, cheese, avocado, tomato, and pesto; it’s unreal. They also make some incredible wheat free and vegan donuts. Can you tell we love this spot??

Where is your favorite breakfast/brunch place on the seacoast and what is your favorite item on the menu?

Breakfast has to be our favorite meal of the day. If we are looking for a quick bite, then White Heron is definitely our go to. If we want a bigger breakfast, Colby’s is another favorite; their creative specials never disappoint!

The only thing better than breakfast is brunch. We always get giddy for STREET’s Sunday brunch. Our favorite dishes include the B.A.S.H, the French Toast Especiale (literally unreal), their famous Cemita, a Bipimbap, and as of late, their burger. I ask for mine with cheddar, pickles, avocado and mayo on a gluten free bun; it’s out of this world.

If you love breakfast sandwiches and are in the South Berwick area, Early Bird Café is a must!! It’s a hidden gem that dishes out incredible egg sandwiches. 

Tell me about your favorite take out spot on the seacoast and what you typically order…

For some reason, whenever we want take out, it’s burgers and fries, so where better to go than Lexies? We love their bistro fries and any burger with a cluck patty. I usually choose one of their specials, but the Green Meunster is a threehungrychicas fave!

Since you work at janegee and your mother raised you on healthy living and organic, healthy products, can you recommend a local establishment you love that serves up A+ organic and healthy food?

Definitely! Whenever I grocery shop and cook at home, I make sure to buy either organic or locally grown food (I sometimes drive 45 minutes to Whole Foods to do my shopping!). We are fortunate to have many health conscious restaurants around the area. For smoothies, juices and acai bowls, I go to The Fresh Press; for dinner - MOXY, The Franklin Oyster House, Black Trumpet or Black Birch. And if I am in Exeter, I ALWAYS make a trip to Laney and Lu

For me, atmosphere plays a big role in my dining experience. Does that matter to you? If so, which establishments provide the best atmosphere on the seacoast? 

I think Black Trumpet (upstairs) and Black Birch have the best atmospheres in the area. Upstairs at the Black Trumpet is dark and romantic - the perfect date spot! The Black Birch has a cool, trendy vibe. I love the long community table, the lights, the staff… every detail here is spot on! 


Would you call yourself a foodie? 

Definitely! Growing up, I was exposed to a large variety of food and have always loved trying new foods and cuisines. When I travel, I always make sure to look up unique restaurants and interesting local cuisines to try. I think I love food a little too much…

Do you ever plan to take Three Hungry Chicas outside of Instagram? Like (hopefully) start a blog please?? 

We have been talking about starting a blog, so hopefully we will get that done sooner than later!

Following you on Instagram, it looks like you travel quite a bit. Can you name three of your all-time favorite restaurants outside of the seacoast?? 

NYC is one of my favorite cities and since it is so close, I go quite a bit! Three of my favorite restaurants in Manhattan include:

1.    Two Hands – an Australian café near Little Italy that also has a restaurant and bar in Tribeca. Every time I am in the city, I make Two Hands my first stop. Their new restaurant location serves a great brunch with amazing Aussie food. I love their avocado toast and their beet-cured salmon. On the weekends, they make ricotta hot cakes that are incredible! 

2.    Jack’s Wife Freda – the trendiest Mediterranean restaurant I know. Another must for brunch. They have Rosewater waffles, Shashuka, and duck bacon. 

3.    Briciola – an adorable Italian restaurant on West 51st street. Talk about atmosphere! The walls are lined with wine bottles and besides the small bar, there is only one long community table. The authentic homemade pasta dishes are all $12 and the perfect size. Most of the dishes are small, so you can get a bunch of things and share. Or not! A definite must in my book and absolutely worth the wait.

Other restaurants I enjoy while traveling:

Pure Thai (NYC) – best authenic Thai food I have found in NYC. Great atmosphere! Always a wait. 

Lou Malnatis (Chicago) – Known for its deep dish pizza. We also had the most amazing salad there called the Malnatis salad. I am still drooling over it.

Are you hungry yet??



*All photos c/o Three Hungry Chicas.


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