At this time of year when Thanksgiving is on the front of our minds, I want to personally extend a sincere “Thank You” to everyone who has been a part of Seacoast Lately.

Whether you read the newsletter every Monday morning, follow Seacoast Lately on social media, are featured on the blog, or all of the above; thank you. Each of you reading this post has been a positive part of the Seacoast Lately journey, and I am so incredibly grateful for your continued support - it means so much.

As we all know, there are certain people who stand out in our lives - who make us better people by encouraging and challenging us, teaching us lessons, forgiving us and helping make our dreams realities. Today, I would like to publicly thank some of the individuals who have been a significantly integral part of Seacoast Lately. 

So, without further ado, and in alphabetical order….

Thank you…

Amy Dutton: For encouraging me to launch my digital advertising program and for being the first business to join “The Club” this past April. Thank you for always being so real and honest. (Amy Dutton Home)

Annie Loomis: For being such a wonderful cheerleader for the seacoast. I am inspired by your passion for people, your commitment to our community, and your determination to keep small businesses thriving here on the seacoast. Thank you for your encouragement and for putting a smile on my face with your copious amount of exclamation points… I love them!!!!!!!!!!!! (Making Faces).

Jonathan Blakeslee: For being so community-minded. White Heron is part of my daily routine and Jonathan always says good morning to me and many of the other locals, which goes a long way in my book! Jonathan is down to earth and uplifts our community, especially as an active member in growing the West End neighborhood! (White Heron).

Lark Hotels: For employing some of the nicest staff members around. Emily at the Lark “Nest” in Newburyport, Josh at The Hotel Portsmouth, and everyone with whom I've interacted from Lark properties in Kennebunkport, Portsmouth, and Salem, Massachusetts. The entire team at each location has been extremely gracious, friendly, welcoming, and helpful. You all stand out and make a difference. I want to meet the hiring manager! (Lark Hotels).

Laura Brown: For taking the time to express sincere gratitude. To me, authentic appreciation is one of the most admirable qualities. Thank you for reminding me of how important it is. (The New England Biscuit Company).

Lisa Teague: For being a part of my life for the past six years and for supporting me in everything I do. Thank you for trusting my creativity when working for your design studio and Quiet Home Paints, and for encouraging me to do what I love. (Lisa Teague Studios)

Liz Forkel: For being such an incredible role model of generosity. You give so much of your talents, time, and resources to people in our community. Thank you for leading by example Liz, and for inspiring me to be more generous! (LizFit)

Liz and Bruce Andrews: For showing such gratitude and appreciation. You are inspiring business owners and people. Thank you for being so kind and encouraging to Seacoast Lately. (Farm + Table)

Mom and Dad and Austin: For always being so supportive of my dreams whatever they may be. Thank you for welcoming me home with open arms, for always challenging me, encouraging me to be my best self, and for always being there for me. You are the best role models I could ask for. I love you! 

Philip Saul: For being the first person to ever sign up for our map of Portsmouth and Kittery! It gave me a lot of encouragement that a Boston shop-owner who was new to Portsmouth believed in what we were doing within minutes of our meeting. It was exactly what I needed to keep going after a long day of hopping nervously from shop to shop; thank you Philip! (Sault New England).

Seth and Tony Gabarro: I liked these brothers from the second I met them. Seth and Tony are down to earth and genuinely nice, ethical, positive people. Thank you for believing in me and for your continued support since day one. (Spruce Creek Provisions).

Steve and Guy: My SCORE Mentors: For helping me turn my creative endeavor into a full-time business. Thank you for sharing your insight and advice with me, meeting after meeting. I have learned so much from you.

YOU! - Friends, extended family, and people I have yet to meet:

Thank you for being a part of Seacoast Lately and for being so enthusiastic about this special place we're fortunate to live, work, and play.

*There are many more people who well deserve high acclaim and appreciation, but there simply isn’t enough room here to thank everyone individually. So please accept my sincerest gratitude to one and all!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!




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