LOCAL FEATURE: Flower Kiosk!

Her Wednesday mornings usually begin with a 4:00 a.m. wake-up call. Betsy Scott, owner of Portsmouth’s Flower Kiosk, rises before the sun and heads to Boston to hand-select flowers for the shop. With a deep passion for her business and a determination to offer the best product possible, Betsy excitedly selects a variety of blooms she transports back to her downtown Portsmouth flower boutique.

So, how does one go from living in Cleveland, Ohio to owning a flower shop in New Hampshire?? Let’s take a walk down memory lane…

Raised in Ohio Betsy first came to the seacoast in 1986, while on vacation with here husband. She fell head over heels and the couple soon called the seacoast "home".

In 1996, Betsy began working at The Flower Kiosk, arranging flowers by day and caring for her two elementary school girls by morning and night. Although this was her first experience working with flowers, Betsy soon realized she was a naturally-born artist who held a strong sense of color and design. After a few years of learning the ins and outs of flower arranging, an opportunity to purchase The Flower Kiosk presented itself. Without hesitation, Betsy jumped in and purchased the business in 1998; 18 years later, she’s never looked back!

The Flower Kiosk has been in business for 31 years now, and it was originally located at what is now The Portsmouth Brewery. It then moved to the space that is currently home to Empower Yoga, before moving one floor down to its current location, just steps away from Market Square.

 Betsy loves living in and owning a business in Portsmouth because of the area’s strong sense of community and the idea that “customers here turn into friends”. She enjoys the process of initially meeting a couple when they’re preparing for their wedding, and then greeting the husband when he returns, time after time, to buy flowers for his wife. She also enjoys working with naturally beautiful products every day. Her favorite color is green - “There are so many shades.” - and she enjoys creating unique color schemes that change with each season.

So what IS this ‘flower girl’s’ favorite season? Summer! 

The Flower Kiosk’s storefront has a lush garden feel and a natural aesthetic. As you wander through the space admiring the vibrant fresh stems, you can also browse sweet gifts and accessories for your home that include topiaries, potted plants, candles, and greeting cards! 

Valentine’s Day is next week - wink, wink;).

Betsy and her creative team provide flowers for many of the weddings that take place here on the seacoast. Would you like to take a wild guess as to how many wedding parties The Flower Kiosk works with each year?? 

Over seventy!” said Betsy.  “And that’s after turning parties down!”  Thirty one years of exquisite arrangements, consistent top-notch service, and an impeccable reputation contribute to The Flower Kiosk’s continued success:). 

Thank you for chatting with us, Betsy!

P.S. Did you know that The Flower Kiosk offers flower punch cards that will provide you with flower rewards?? Ask for one next time you’re in!

*All photos c/o Flower Kiosk.

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