THE INSIDE SKINNY ON... Chocolate Facials!

Yes everyone -- organic chocolate facials DO exist. And guess what? They're pretty fantastic.

Take note from our contributor Brie, who experienced luxury at Coastal Aesthetics first hand...


Upon meeting aesthetician Rebekah Turner and heading into her private treatment room, I was immediately calmed by dim lights, a running water fountain, and soothing music that hummed in the background.

The scene was set...

Rebekah started the 60-minute service by thoroughly cleansing my face. She then turned on the steam machine to prep my skin and guess what came next? A scalp massage!

Enter: a state of total relaxation. 

As I was lying there, thinking to myself that a service really couldn’t get any better than this, a hint of chocolate wafted through the air… the moment I had been anticipating all week long! 

While Rebekah allowed her hand-mixed mask (made of 90% cacao, raw honey, and almond oil) to work its caffeinated, antioxidant-rich magic, she treated me to a deep hand massage.

Once the chocolate mask was set and then rinsed off, Rebekah worked some hydrating SPF moisturizer into my skin to protect it from February in Maine, and to give me a radiant glow. 

I was sent on my merry way with a miniature bottle of Pinot Grigio and a bag of chocolates… the facial that keeps on giving!

In the mood to treat yourself to an Organic Chocolate Facial this month? Visit here for more information!