THE INSIDE SKINNY ON... Spring Cleaning Tips With Amy Dutton!

'Tis the season to organize, de-clutter, and clean up for a beautiful spring and summer season ahead!

This week, Kittery-based interior designer Amy Dutton shares her top tips for spring cleaning!

1. Bathrooms: Do a basic clean in all your bathrooms - this includes your drawers! Do a deep, clean of any tile in your bathroom as well. I've found this works well on light grout. 

2. Closets: Since boots can be worn later into the spring and summer, be sure to pull them out of your closet and clean out all the dust bunnies. 

3. Mudroom: Take everything out of your mudroom closet and scrub it down. Put away all of your winter boots, coats, hats, mittens, scarves etc. and swap them out for flip flops! Ahhh doesn't that feel good?

4. Laundry: Vacuum all around your washer and dryer as well as the front of the machines. If there are lonely socks hanging around, either match them up or throw them away.

5. Kitchen: No one wants to do this but I suggest cleaning out every single drawer and starting fresh. Anything that you don’t need, donate to Fair Tide Thrift Store. This is also your opportunity to bring out your summer dishes!

6. Living Room: Change out your curtains to a lighter weight linen curtain. This will make your house feel light and airy. I've had great luck with this company for drapes in custom size and fabric. 

7. Walls & Trim: Scrub your walls and trim down with a Magic Eraser. It works wonders!

8. Rake, rake, rake! Put on your gardening gloves; there’s a lot of work to do. All the gardens and grass needs to be raked so that new life can begin. 

9. Cut Back The Dead: make sure that all dead parts of the plants are removed and discarded. 

10. Pruning: If you're nervous about pruning like I am, call Hales Landscaping. We love them. 

Well, there you have it! Happy spring!