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My name is Maggie and I feel truly blessed to live on the Seacoast. I’m so excited to use Seacoast Lately to highlight the incredible things our area has to offer - from cool businesses and fun goings-on, to the sheer beauty we’re lucky to see every day.

You may notice that not every business in the seacoast is mentioned and not every event is featured. That’s because not everything makes the cut. On Seacoast Lately, you can be assured that every establishment and event, and activity featured here are all local, community-minded, and simply amazing in every way.

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*Seacoast Lately is a blog that highlights the best of the New Hampshire and Maine Seacoast. We are grateful to be based in the beautiful Portsmouth, New Hampshire!

What local business owners and Seacoast Lately followers are saying about Seacoast Lately…

"Being featured on Seacoast Lately exposes me to an audience that I don't normally reach and it has shown direct results in the way of sales and projects."

“Because of your wonderful Monday e-mail, I learned about Dig In and just registered for their winter program. You are making a huge difference on the seacoast; thank you!!”

“Thanks to Seacoast Lately, I learned about a new (and fabulous) flower shop called Wanderbird Floral. I live in the seacoast and shop locally, and thanks to Seacoast Lately, I am up to the minute on new, local businesses. Thank you, Seacoast Lately!” 

“Thank you for the suggestions on what to give my sis-in-law for a Christmas present. I ended up going with a SUP tour from Portsmouth Paddle Co. and she was very excited! I never would have thought of that on my own.”

“I love getting my weekly Seacoast Lately newsletter to read about the fun and interesting events that happen locally - many that I would otherwise never know about! The week that featured the new farm-to-table restaurant at Applecrest sent me right there. We enjoyed a delicious meal overlooking the orchard and picked up some fresh produce to take home with us as well.