Here I am, exactly one week after my first ever Lash Lift – feeling bright-eyed and FABULOUS!

Up until a few weeks ago, I had only heard of lash lifts, tints, extensions, and perms – never knowing what any of them meant. Those services definitely weren’t for me. Or so I thought…

While chatting with Annie at Making Faces a few weeks prior, she recommended I try a lash lift – a long-lasting solution to lifting my lashes (It lasts for 6-8 weeks!) and brightening my eyes. SOLD!

My appointment with Kim at Making Faces lasted about an hour. The time flew by, as we chatted during the easy and oh-so-smooth process of semi-permanently curling and tinting my lashes. I’m not sure how exactly Kim transformed them, but she somehow worked magic!

If you’re booking a lash lift for the holidays this year, be sure to jot your name down in the appointment book as soon as possible — you’ll be glad you did!



*For some inspiring before and after shots, browse Making Faces’ Instagram feed!